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Top 5 Critical Success Factors of Cloud Implementation

As businesses experience increased cost and efficiency pressures related to their on-premise applications, cloud implementation is becoming more inevitable day by day. Many companies are…
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How Cloud Financial Management Supports Company Growth

Supporting company growth is a major challenge for CFOs and the financial department, and the ability to support this growth comes from the ability to…
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Complete Cloud

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What to Look for in a Cloud Migration Company

As the use of the traditional on-premise software is becoming more difficult and costly, migration to the cloud is seemingly inevitable for most organizations. Transferring…
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Upgrade or Migrate? Scope and Plan Your Cloud Project

Cloud computing has rolled into the Enterprise. CIOs and IT departments who manage enterprise business applications are now facing an important decision about their PeopleSoft,…
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To Cloud or Not to Cloud? Key considerations when moving to the Cloud

As President of Drivestream, I have many opportunities to speak with businesses who are considering the move to the Cloud. Through this, I've gained a…
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5 Keys to Oracle ERP Cloud Implementation Success!

I've been fortunate enough to be working with financial and accounting management products for longer than I care to admit (even to myself)! Starting way…
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Oracle PeopleSoft or HCM Cloud?

I have been asked by many to provide insights to what might be the differences, advantages, disadvantages of Oracle Cloud HCM Payroll vs. Oracle PeopleSoft…
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All-In With Cloud – HCM, ERP and PBCS on Single Unified Cloud Platform

This post will provide an update on how Shawnee State University is approaching their big bang go live for their HCM, ERP & PBCS (Planning…
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